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How do I use the Learning Library?

Users can view a categorized catalog of learning content to self-enroll in. Self-enrolled content is not required and will appear in the Added By You section of the My Learning page.

Note: Categories will only display in the Learning Library if your admin chooses to activate them.

Open Learning Library

Open Learning Library

In the Learning Navigation menu, click the Learning Library link.

View Learning Library

In the Learning Library, you can view all learning content that is available for self-enrollment. Learning content items in the library are represented by cards and organized by category [1].

Each card includes the content title [2] and description [3]. The learning content type is shown on each card along with the estimated time for completion or number of steps [4]. If you have already started a course or program, the card will show the estimated time remaining and a progress bar [5].

Hover your cursor over a card to view additional details such as included media (videos, audio, and images), quiz assessments, text content, certificates, and content tags [6].

Programs in which you haven't enrolled will show a Preview button [7]. Learning content can be started, resumed, or reviewed depending on your enrollment status. Content that hasn't been started will show an Enroll button [8]. Content that has been started but not finished will show a Resume button. Content that has been completed will show a Review button. To view all the learning content in a category, click the View All link [9]. This will open a new page in which you can filter and sort all learning items in the category.

Note: All uncategorized content will display at the bottom of the Learning Library in the All Others category.

Filter Content

In the Search field [1], you can search for content titles.

In the Sort by menu [2], you can sort content based on your preferences: date added, alphabetically, or duration.

In the Filter by menu [3], you can filter by content type, status, duration, courses that include a certificate, and courses with SCORM content.

Filter Content Tags

Filter Course Tags

Click the Tags link to open the Tags menu. You can use the search bar to find specific content tags or scroll through the list of tags for the Learning Library content items. By selecting one or several tags, you can narrow down the list of content items that are displayed in the Learning Library.  

Start Content

Start Content

To preview a list of the items in a program, click the Preview button [1]. To self-enroll in learning content, hover your cursor over the content card and click the Enroll button [2].

Continue Content

Continue Content

If you have started a course or program but have yet to complete it, click the Resume button.

Review Content

Review Content

Once you've completed a learning item, you can go back and review the content at any time. You can also view the learning item in the Completed section of the My Learning page.