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How do I register for a live training?

When you receive an invitation to a live training, you can register for a training session that fits your schedule. You can also download an ICS file to add the live training session to a third-party calendar. Times and dates within Bridge reflect the time zone of your browser.

You can also register for a live training from the Live Training Calendar.


  • When you register for a live training, you will receive an email confirmation with the session details. After registering, you will also receive reminder notifications for the upcoming session.
  • If there are no available sessions left or if all available sessions fill up before you are able to register, the live training invitation will no longer appear on the My Learning page. Please contact your admin for assistance.


Register for Live Training

By default, live training invitations will appear at the top of the My Learning page under the Needs Your Attention header. Next to the name of a training, click the Register Now button.

Register for Session

Next to the session you want to register for, click the Register button.

Register for for Web Conference

If the presenter has added a web conference registration link, a toast message will appear at the top of your screen prompting you to also register for the web conference.

Confirm Registration

Confirm your registration in the session [1].

If necessary, you can change your session registration.

To download an ICS file and add the live training session to a third-party calendar, click the Download Invite button [2].