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How do I use Bridge as an employee?

After you log in to Bridge as an employee, the Bridge dashboard defaults to the My Career page, where you can view an overview of what is happening in your Bridge account.

The Bridge Mobile app allows you to access Bridge on the go. Not all Bridge web features are supported in the app at this time. View Bridge Mobile app features by version and device.

Note: If you only have Bridge Learn enabled in your account, the My Learning page will be the default landing page.

View Global Navigation Menu

The Global Navigation Menu is located at the top of every page in Bridge. Global Navigation links provide quick access to frequently used Bridge features. Default links include My Career, 1on1, Goals, Assessments, Career Plan, Learning, People search, Notifications, and Learner Profile.

View My Career Page

Bridge defaults to the My Career page. The My Career page shows an overview of your agendas [1], learning items [2], and goals [3].


  • Some features may be restricted depending on your account settings.
  • If you only have Bridge Learn enabled in your account, the My Learning page will be the default landing page.

View 1on1 Agenda Page

To view the 1on1 Agenda page, click the 1on1 link. The 1on1 Agenda page provides access to agendas that have been shared with your manager and peers.  

View Goals Page

To view the Goals page, click the Goals link. The Goals page helps you manage and view your personal goals.

View Assessments Page

To view the Assessments page, click the Assessments link. The skills assessment shows the average mastery level of your most recently assessed job skills.

View Timeline Page

To view the Timeline page, click the Timeline link. The timeline shows your HR events, goals, achievements, completed 1on1s and assessments, and learning items.

View My Learning Page

In the My Learning page, you can view all courses, programs, live trainings, tasks, and surveys in which you have been enrolled or which have been recommended to you.

View Learning Library

The Learning Library provides you with a catalog of courses, programs, and live trainings that are available for self-enrollment. All courses, programs, and live trainings are represented by library cards which are sorted into categories and provide details on the training. Self-enrolled courses are not required and will appear in the Added by You section of the My Learning page.

Note: Categories will only display in the Learning Library if your admin chooses to activate them.

View Live Training Calendar

In the Live Training Calendar page, you can access all the live training sessions available for registration and those you have already registered for.

View My Approvals Page

In the My Approvals page, you can access completed and pending checkpoints that require your approval.


  • The My Approvals tab only displays when a user has a checkpoint that requires approval.
  • Some features may not be available based on permissions for your user role.

View User Profile Menu

View Learner Account

To access the User Profile menu, click the User Profile icon [1]. To view your directory profile, click the View Profile button [2]. To change your language preference, click the Language drop-down menu [3]. To change your password, click the Change Password link [4]. To sign out of Bridge, click the Sign Out link [5].

For help with Bridge, click the Help Articles link [6]. To view Bridge policies, click the Acceptable Use Policy link [7] and the Privacy Policy link [8].

Note: Your company may customize your help options, so the links displayed in your profile menu may differ from what is displayed here.