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How do I view an Incomplete Learners Report for an account?

You can view a report of incomplete learners in your account and the total time a user has spent in a course.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Insights Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Insights menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Completed Learners Report

In the Insights page, click the Deep Dive button located next to the Completed Learners statistic widget.

Open Incomplete Learners Report

Open Completed Learners Report

Click the Report drop-down menu. Then, click Incomplete Learners Report.

Choose Time Frame

Choose Time Frame

To choose a time frame for your report, click the Last Week drop-down menu. In addition to viewing data from the last week, you can view data collected in the last month, last 3 months, all time since the account was created, and a custom date range.

Choose Custom Time Frame

Choose Custom Time Frame

When the Custom option is chosen from the drop-down menu, a pop-up calendar will be shown which allows you to select a start date and an end date for your report.

Fine Tune Report

To refine what is displayed in your report, click the Fine Tune link [1]. You can refine your report by group, program, course, tag, team, or user. To select a refinement field, click a field button [2].

Choose Refinement Options

To select refinement options, click the option that corresponds with the item you want to include [1]. To see more options, click the Show Next button [2]. When you are finished, click the Done link [3].

Apply Refinement

To add an additional refinement, click the Add another refinement link [1]. To apply your refinements, click the Apply button [2].

View Incomplete Learners Report

You can view the user's name [1], course [2], due date [3], status [4], time in course [5], and enrollment date [6]. The user's name and course are linked to the user's profile and completed course. Archived courses appear in the list but are not hyperlinked. Time in course does not include time spent in an uploaded (SCORM) course and is not recorded until the user takes an action (e.g. goes to the next slide, goes to the previous slide, or leaves the course).

An incomplete user can have the following status:

  • Not Started: The user has not begun the course.
  • Unfinished: The user has started the course but has not finished the course.
  • Failed: The user has completed the course but has not achieved a passing score.

Sort Users

By default, users are sorted by enrollment date. However, you can click any column header, except for Time in Course, to sort your users. An arrow next to the header will show your selected sorting column. You can sort in ascending or descending order.

Export CSV

Export CSV

To download the Incomplete Learners Report for the chosen time frame, click the Export CSV button.

Note: In the CSV file, the due date is formatted as Day-Month-Year. Time spent in course is recorded in seconds.