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How do I view survey results?

Once a survey distribution has closed or been completed, you can view the results. The interactive survey results chart makes viewing results and comparing groups simple. You can also export survey results via CSV file and message survey participants.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Author Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Surveys

In the Author menu, click the Surveys link.

Open Survey

Open Survey

On the Surveys page, click the name of a survey.

Open Distribution

Locate the distribution list you want to view. You can use the search field [1] or the Sort & Filter drop-down menu [2]. To view distribution details, click the name of the distribution.

View Survey Results

View the survey results chart. Bridge uses the Likert scale for calculating survey results. The results calculation is based on which answer has been selected as the ideal response by the survey author. The averages are calculated by the following scale: 

  • 1: 0%
  • 2: 25%
  • 3: 50%
  • 4: 75%
  • 5: 100%

By default, the chart will display aggregate results for all groups included in the distribution [1], represented by the solid circles. You can also expand and collapse individual question details [2].

Using the interactive slider [3], you can also focus on a specific segment by selecting a range along the scale. The default range is 0-75%.

To compare results of different groups, click the Compare button [4].

Compare Results

Compare Results

You can select which groups you want to compare:

  • View Aggregate [1]: View the average of all groups combined (everyone who completed the survey)
  • All Groups [2]: View all groups included in the distribution
  • Individual Groups [3]: View and compare individual groups

Click the Close icon to view the results chart [4].

View Results Chart

On the results chart, you can view the scores for each group. The outlined circles represent individual groups [1]. The solid circles represent the aggregate, or average of all groups combined (everyone) [2].

For each question, hover your mouse over individual circles to view more details. For individual groups, you can view the total number of learners [3] in the group and what the group scored as a percentage on the question [4]. You can also view the average score of all groups combined as a percentage [5].

You can also view the Filtered to: number of questions and groups [6]. To clear filters and return to the default view, click the Clear Filters link [7]. The default view shows aggregate results only.

Build A Course

You can also build a course that focuses on specific groups of users. Using the interactive slider [1], move the slider along the scale to select a range, then click the Build A Course button [2]. In the example above, Bridge will automatically enroll all users in the matched groups whether or not they individually scored in the 0-40% range.

Learn how to view course details and add course content.

View Question

View Question

You can view each question on the survey. Each question displays the question title, the percentage that each group scored on the question, and the average score for all groups. Click the question number on the y-axis to expand or collapse details for each question [1].

Note: Questions will be truncated if they are too long.

View Participants

You can view a list of participating groups and their completion status.

Groups marked with a checkmark indicate a completed status [1].

Groups marked with a completion circle indicate a partially completed status [2]. You can also view the completion progress of users in the group.

Export CSV

Export CSV

To export survey results via CSV file, click the Export CSV button.

For each participant, you can view a unique and anonymous respondent id, group name, submission date and time, and response for each question. Participants who did not respond to an optional question will have a blank answer field.

Message Participants

To send a message to survey participants, in the click the Message icon.

Note: Messaging is a one-way feature; users cannot reply to messages.