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How do I add a session to a live training?

Each live training consists of one or more live training sessions. Having a variety of session dates, times, or locations allows your users to register for a session that is most convenient for their schedule. After a live training has been created, you can begin adding sessions.


Open Author Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Live Trainings

In the Author menu, click the Live Trainings link.

Open Live Training

Open Live Training Course

In the Live Trainings page, click the name of a training.

Add Session

Click the Add Session button.

Add Session Details

If you want to limit the number of users who are allowed to register for this session, enter the maximum number of attendees in the Capacity field [1].

Select a date for the session in the Date field [2].

If you want to specify a location for this session, enter the location in the Location field [3].

If you plan on conducting a web conference during your training, select the web conference provider from the Provider drop-down menu [4]. Click the Mark learner as attended when launched toggle button to have users marked as attended when they launch the web conference [5]. Click the Continue to Setup button [6] to add all necessary web conference information. This information will be included in the notification email that is sent to users once they have registered for the live training session.

Select the time zone for the session [7]. To set a time frame for the session, enter the times in the start and end time fields [8]. Times support 24-hour formatting. The end time is automatically adjusted to one hour after the start time. Once the end time has passed, users will not be able to register for the session. However, users may still be added manually by an admin if the session has not concluded.

If you want to add instructors to the session, enter an instructor's name in the Search For Instructors field [9]. You can add up to five internal or external instructors to a session.

If you would like to conduct the live training over multiple dates, click the Multi-part Session button [10]. When enabled, you can add session details for each part. Live training session attendance can only be marked as either present or absent at the session level; attendance cannot be tracked per session part.

Any additional information that is useful for the training instructor can be added to the Notes field [11].

Click the Publish button once you are finished adding the session details [12].


  • The Mark learner as attended when launched toggle button will not appear until a web conference provider has been selected.
  • If you have enabled marking attendance upon launch, attendance will be marked but it will not track whether a user stays or completes a training.


Share Session

To share a registration link with users, click the Session Options icon. In the Session Options menu, click the Link icon and copy the provided link. This link can be posted in areas outside of Bridge that may be more visible or frequently visited by users.

Note: The session link generated by this icon is different than the shareable training link generated by the shareable link icon located at the top of the Live Training Details page. The session link will provide users with a link to the specific session, while the training link will give users the option to register for any available session in the live training.

Delete Session

To delete a session, click the Session Options icon. From the menu that appears, click the Delete icon.