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How do I edit a program?

You can edit the items in your program at any time. Program edits are automatically saved. However, if you make edits to items (add/remove/reorder) in the program, the program will have to be republished before changes can be viewed in the program.

If you make edits to a course with users in progress, the users will be redirected to the beginning of the course to get the updated content.



Open Application Switcher Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Open Programs

In the Author menu, click the Programs link.

Open Program

Open Program

On the Programs page, click the name of a program.

Edit Program

Edit Program

Click the Edit button.

Modify Content

Edit your program as necessary. To edit the program name, description, or gradient color, click the Program Editor icon [1].

To add learning items and section headers to the program, click the Add Content button [2].

To edit a learning item within the program, click the Edit icon [3].

To remove a learning item or section header, click the Remove icon [4].

Note: If a user has started a course that has been removed from a program, the user will remain enrolled, and the course will become optional. If a user has not started a course in a program, their enrollment in the course will be deleted.

Return to Program Details

To return to the program details page, click the Done icon.

View Unpublished Changes

View Unpublished Changes

If your program has unpublished changes, your edits will not be applied until you republish them. To publish your changes, click the Publish button.

Note: All courses within a program must be published before you can publish the program.  

Edit with Multiple Authors

If you are editing a program at the same time as another author, the course will generate a warning message. Currently Bridge cannot support concurrent edits by more than one author. You may want to edit the program at another time. Next to the program name, click the Done icon to return to the program overview page.