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How do I archive a course?

Authors, managers, IT admins and account admins can archive and un-archive courses. The ability to archive or un-archive a course is a permission that can be assigned to additional users.  

For users with archiving permissions, archived courses exist in a read-only state and cannot be edited. Users with archiving permissions can view archived course settings and enrollments, download archived course data as a CSV file, and delete an archived course. When an author views a program that contains an archived course, Bridge displays an archived badge next to the course name. For employees, the archived course disappears from the program and the program step number is modified to reflect the number of active courses in the program.

Archiving Courses

  • Users can only archive courses in top-level accounts, not in subaccounts. Content archived in the top-level account will no longer be available for employees, managers, authors, or subaccounts.
  • Users can view certificates for completed archived courses.
  • The Add Course search option does not show archived courses in search bar suggestions. Additionally, archived courses do not display in the Learning Library.
  • Archived courses retain their enrollments and data.
  • Reports that contain archived courses indicate that the courses are archived. 
  • Enrolled users who have not completed the course no longer see it listed on their My Learning page.
  • Users who complete a course before it is archived continue to see the completed course on their My Learning page. However, they no longer have access to the course content.
  • Archived courses cannot be added to groups.
  • If an existing group member previously enrolled in an archived course adds additional members, new members will not be enrolled in the archived course.

Unarchiving Courses

  • Unarchived courses restore all enrollments and data.
  • Users who were enrolled in a course before archival are reenrolled in the course.
  • Users cannot access course content unless the course is republished.

Note: Some permissions may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Application Switcher Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Archive from Courses Page

Locate the course you want to archive. Click the More Actions icon [1], then click the Archive link [2].

Confirm Archive

Click the Archive link.

Un-archive Course from Courses Page

To un-archive a course from the Courses page, click the Archived tab [1]. Locate the course you want to un-archive and click the More Actions icon [2]. Click the Un-Archive link [3].

Confirm Un-archive

Click the Restore link.

Archive from Individual Course

To archive a course from the Course Details page, click the name of the course.

Archive Course

Click the More Actions icon [1], then click the Archive link [2].

Confirm Archive

Click the Archive link.

Un-Archive Course

To un-archive a course, click the Un-Archive icon.

Confirm Un-Archive

Click the Restore link.