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How do I enable Bridge Retain for a course?

Bridge Retain is a tool that helps users recall information from their courses and can be enabled for any native Bridge course. Users will receive notifications for six quiz exercises that consist of up to five quiz questions from the original course along a set schedule after course completion. Once each exercise has been completed, the user will see their current retention rate compared with the Forgetting Curve. The aggregate retention rate of everyone in the course can be compared against the Forgetting Curve to evaluate whether content is being retained on an ongoing basis.


  • Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.
  • Bridge Retain will not be available in accounts in which notifications have been disabled.

Open Author Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Course

In the Courses page, click the name of the course.

Select Bridge Retain

In the Course Details page, click the More Actions icon [1] and then click the Bridge Retain link [2].

Enable Bridge Retain

Click Bridge Retain

Click the Bridge Retain toggle button [1].

Click the Learn More link to view a tutorial on Bridge Retain [2].

User View

Learner View

Once enabled, users will receive six prompts to complete a series of follow-up quizzes on a set schedule after they have completed the course. Each quiz will contain up to five quiz questions randomly selected from the course. Short Answer quiz questions will not be included. The quizzes will be distributed to the user using an email notification on the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th day after successful course completion. If a user does not complete a quiz within 48 hours of the notification, the quiz will expire and the user will not be able to take the quiz. Users will see their retention rate compared with the Forgetting Curve after completing each quiz.