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How do I edit course content?

You can edit your course content at any time. Course edits are automatically saved. However, edits to published courses will have to be republished before changes can be viewed in the course. Edits made to the required score, due date, or certificate will not require republishing.

If you make edits to a course with users in progress, the users will be redirected to the beginning of the course to get the updated content. Users cannot view updated content until you publish your changes.



Open Author Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Course

In the Courses page, click the name of a course.

Edit Course

Edit Course

Click the Edit icon.

View Editor Lockout Message

Attempting to edit a course that is currently being worked on by another author will result in a warning message explaining the course is not available for editing. The Publish and Discard Changes options on the Course Details page will be also be disabled while the course is being edited by another Author. This prevents content changes from being lost or overwritten while more than one person is attempting to edit the course at one time. The course will unlock either when the course editor is closed by the author or 15 minutes after the author's last edit was made.

Edit Content

You can edit course content at any time by selecting the content thumbnail image in the sidebar. Slides are indicated by a light background [1], while quizzes are indicated by a dark background [2]. Quizzes also display the quiz icon for the type of the created quiz question.

View Edit Content Sidebar

When selected, slide thumbnails have an outlined border [1], while quiz thumbnails have a solid dark background [2].

Add Course Content

You can also add new course content as slides or quizzes as well as a cover slide [1]. To duplicate a slide, locate and select the slide. Then click the More Options drop-down menu [2] and click the Duplicate link [3].

Reorder Content

Reorder Content

You can also click, drag, and drop content thumbnails to reorder content in your course.

Delete Content

Delete Content

To delete a slide or quiz, select the thumbnail for the slide or quiz [1]. Then click the More Options drop-down menu [2] and click the Delete link [3].

Return to Course Details

To return to the course details page, click the Close icon.

View Unpublished Changes

If your course has unpublished changes, your edits will not be applied until you publish them.