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How do I add a cover slide?

You can add a cover slide that will appear as the first slide a learner sees when starting a course. The cover slide can include a headline statement, short course description, and an image. Additionally, you can set a background color and adjust the image opacity. The image can also be used as the background image for course cards in the Learning Library. If enabled by a Bridge admin, content branding styles will be applied by default.

Image Considerations

  • Maximum dimensions for cover slides should be approximately 2500 x 1600 pixels at 72 ppi.
  • The ideal image should have high contrast with either white or black text. If contrast cannot be achieved with the image alone, use the opacity slider with a light/dark background color to make the contrast greater between text and background.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Author Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Course

In the Courses page, click the name of a course.

Edit Course

Click the Edit icon.

Edit SCORM Course

Click the Cover Slide button.

Add Cover Slide

Add Cover Slide

To add a cover slide, click the Add Content drop-down menu [1] and click the Add Cover Slide link [2]. Add or edit course content as needed.

Note: If you are adding a cover slide to a SCORM course, the cover slide will have already been created.

Enter Headline Statement

Introduce users to your course by entering a headline statement [1] and a course intro statement [2]. This will be the first slide a user sees when starting a course.

Note: Both fields are optional; users will only see what information you provide.

Open Cover Slide Settings

Open Cover Slide Settings

In the content sidebar, locate the cover slide and click the Settings icon.

Enable Dark Mode

The background color defaults to white, or indigo if in dark mode. The primary color defaults to content branding styles (if enabled), or blue (hex color #3B9DFF). Dark mode changes the company logo (if enabled by a Bridge admin) and text color on the cover slide to white for easier reading on a dark background. If you have a reverse logo uploaded as part of your content branding, dark mode will use the reverse logo for the cover slide instead of your primary logo.

To enable dark mode, click the Dark Mode toggle [1]. The toggle will change from an X (off) to a checkmark (on). As you make changes, you can preview what users will see in the preview pane [2].

Bridge automatically saves your changes, however, you must republish your course before users can see your changes. View the save status at any time in the header [3].

Change Background or Primary Color

Change Background or Primary Color

To override the background color, click the Background field [1] and enter a new hex code. To override the primary color, click the Primary field [2] and enter a new hex code. Press the tab key on your keyboard or click anywhere in the editor to save. To reset the background and primary colors, click the Reset to Default link [3].

Note: Adding a background image will replace the background color.

Add Image

To add a background image to the cover slide, click the click to browse link [1] or drag and drop [2] your file directly into the image upload area.

Browse & Upload File

Browse & Upload File

Locate and click the name of the file you want to upload. Then click the Open button.

Edit Image Options

Edit Image Options

To increase or decrease the transparency of the image from 0% (completely invisible) to 100% (fully visible), click the opacity slider [1] and drag to the desired percentage. The opacity slider is set to 100% by default.

The image display is set to Fill Screen by default. To change the display option, click the Fill Screen drop-down menu [2] and select a new display option.

Change or Remove Image

Change or Remove Image

To change your image, click the Change link [1], or drag and drop the file directly into the image drop zone.

To remove your image, click the Remove link [2].

Delete Cover Slide

In the content sidebar, select the cover slide and click the More Options drop-down menu [1]. Then click the Delete link [2].

Publish Course

When you're ready to publish changes for learners to see, click the Publish Course button [1]. To return to the content editor, or to return to the course details page without publishing changes, click the Close icon [2]. On the course details page, you will be prompted to publish or discard changes.